About Us

Hello Everyone, 

My name is Rob. I am a one-man operation working to provide you with the best fishing tackle I can. I learned to steelhead fish during my undergrad, at Northern Michigan University on the small Lake Superior tributaries around the U.P. of Michigan. After I graduated, I moved to Southeast Michigan where I spent my weekends on the west Michigan rivers such as the PM, White, Grand, and Manistee. When I wasn't headed west, I spent my time experimenting with the Lake Erie tributaries of Southeast Michigan and Ohio. I recently moved to Kenai, AK and have been enjoying tangling with the PNW steel and resident trout. 

While I have always enjoyed making my own tackle, even from a young age and as the steelhead addiction grew, I started to experiment with beads. What started out as a hobby and a bead supply for my buddies, is now Chrome Killer Tackle. I am still just a one-man operation working out of my spare room to help bring you the beads you are looking for. I greatly appreciate everyone's continued support!